2,500-12 months-Outdated Coffins Recovered in Egypt

Saqqara Painted Coffin

Saqqara Painted CoffinSAQQARA, EGYPT—In accordance with an Ahram On-line report, Khaled el-Anany, Egypt’s Tourism and Antiquities Minister, introduced the invention of greater than 100 sealed, painted coffins; some 40 gilded statues of the funerary goddess Ptah Soker; and golden funerary masks within the Saqqara necropolis, which is positioned about 20 miles south of Cairo. Many of the coffins have been dated to the 26th Dynasty (688–525 B.C.), however coffins dated to the Ptolemaic interval (304–30 B.C.) had been additionally discovered. The well-preserved coffins had been recovered from three deep burial shafts, the place that they had been shielded from decay. A CT scan of one of many mummies revealed the stays of a person who had died at about 40 years of age. Crew member Bassem Gehad added that the physique had been mummified with its arms crossed over its chest, in what was referred to as the Osiris form, after the god of the useless and resurrection who was typically depicted holding the criminal and flail together with his legs in mummy wrappings. The coffins and artifacts shall be distributed between the Cairo Museum in Tahrir Sq.; the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is scheduled to open subsequent 12 months; and the Nationwide Museum of Egyptian Civilization. To examine a mummification workshop unearthed at Saqqara, go to “Mummy Workshop,” one among ARCHAEOLOGY’s High 10 Discoveries of 2018.

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