A New Have a look at Historical Nubia

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A New Have a look at Historical Nubia

Lengthy-term excavations on the historical cities of Kerma and Dukki Gel in northern Sudan have proven that the folks of Nubia and different areas south of Egypt had been members of refined cultures centuries earlier than the pharaohs prolonged their rule south. All pictures within the slideshow are courtesy of Matt Stirn. 

  • The ruins of Kerma are centered on the Deffufa, a massive mudbrick temple that now looms 65 feet above the site, but which in antiquity probably was even taller.

  • Sunrise over the Nile River, which now flows a mile to the west of Kerma. When the city was first established around 2500 B.C., it was located on an island in the great river.

  • The ruins of a New Kingdom Egyptian columned hall at Dukki Gel are one example of the complicated mix of architectural styles found in the city. Dukki Gel was occupied by a coalition of African rulers from the south around 1700 B.C., as well as by later Egyptian and Nubian officials.

  • Seven statues of Nubian kings that were unearthed at Dukki Gel in 2003 have been restored and are now on display at the Kerma Museum.

  • Public water stations in modern-day Sudan are outfitted with large ceramic vessels similar to water jars that have been unearthed at Kerma.

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