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Victoria Cross

Victoria CrossNEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND—The Guardian stories that researchers led by retired military colonel Andrew Marriott of Newcastle College used X-ray fluorescence to look at the chemical composition of Victoria Cross medals made between 1856 and 2013. Custom suggests the award, which was instituted by Queen Victoria, was crafted from Russian weapons captured on the siege of Sevastapol in 1855. The investigation discovered, nevertheless, that the composition of the medals modified throughout World Warfare I, and once more throughout World Warfare II. “Though we all know that Queen Victoria decreed that the brand new honor be forged from bronze, there is no such thing as a proof to recommend that she needed captured weapons from Sevastopol for use for this objective,” Marriott mentioned. Throughout a World Warfare I steel scarcity, Britain’s Warfare Workplace equipped the only real producer of the award with steel from Crimean weapons, based mostly on a practice Marriott thinks originated in a newspaper report of an 1857 medal ceremony. Medals made now are considered sourced from a nineteenth-century cannon from one other battle. “Whereas it’s unlikely that even the earliest medals got here from the ordnance captured at Sevastopol, it’s clear that a lot of the VCs awarded for the reason that First World Warfare have plausibly been sourced from the cascabels of captured weapons—an necessary and symbolic reality for individuals who have acquired the glory in recognition of their bravery,” Marriott concluded. To examine a jet necklace worn by a Briton lengthy earlier than Queen Victoria donned her personal jet jewellery in mourning, go to “Jetting Throughout the British Isles.”

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