Arrow Evaluation Pushes Again Origins of Poison-Tip Expertise

Kalahari San Kit

Kalahari San KitJOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA—In keeping with a Science Alert report, Marlize Lombard of the College of Johannesburg means that poison-arrow know-how could also be tens of 1000’s of years older than beforehand thought. She analyzed bone-tipped arrowheads dated to the Paleolithic, and in contrast them to arrows identified to have been used with poison, and arrows identified to have been used with out poison. Usually, arrows used with poison are smaller as a result of they solely want to succeed in an animal’s bloodstream to ship a lethal substance, whereas arrows used with out poison should inflict a wound that can incapacitate or kill an animal. Lombard discovered that three out of six bone-pointed arrows recovered from South Africa’s Blombos Cave, courting to between 72,000 and 80,000 years in the past, resemble poisoned arrowheads, and are so small that they’d in all probability have been ineffective with out an added poison punch. Lombard cautions that additional research of a bigger pattern of Paleolithic arrowheads is required. For extra, go to “First Use of Poison,” one in all ARCHAEOLOGY’s High 10 Discoveries of 2012.

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