Bonfires in Mexico Dated to 10,000 Years In the past

Aktun Ha Cenote

Aktun Ha CenoteMEXICO CITY, MEXICO—Mexico Information Day by day studies {that a} crew of researchers together with Luis Alberto Martos López of Mexico’s Nationwide Autonomous College have dated charcoal samples collected from the stays of 14 historical bonfires in a flooded cave within the Yucatán Peninsula to some 10,000 years in the past. The hunter-gatherers who constructed the fires would have used an entrance hidden by a mound of rocks, and traveled alongside a slim, 50-foot-long tunnel to succeed in the cave, which measures about 215 toes sq., and about 15 to 20 toes in peak. Now often known as the Aktun Ha cenote, the cave, which was nicely ventilated and geared up with a pure nicely earlier than it flooded, in all probability supplied hunter-gatherers with momentary shelter. The fires are prone to have been lit for heat and cooking. Stone instruments had been additionally recovered from the cave. For extra, go to “The place There’s Coal…”

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