Proof of Medieval Battle Found in Polish Forest

Poland Arrowheads Bolts

Poland Arrowheads BoltsSANOK, POLAND—The First Information reviews that archaeologists have recognized the attainable website of a fourteenth-century battle in a forest in southeastern Poland. In response to a rise in unlawful treasure searching round a medieval fortified settlement at Biała Góra within the Słonne Mountains, which was final excavated 50 years in the past, a group led by Piotr Kotowicz of the Historic Museum in Sanok investigated the location and recovered greater than 200 arrowheads and crossbow bolts relationship to the mid-fourteenth century. Historic chronicles relate that in 1340 the Polish king Casimir the Nice (r. 1310–1370) launched a marketing campaign in opposition to Crimson Ruthenia, a area that now consists of elements of southeastern Poland and Ukraine. Casimir’s 20,000-man military took a number of settlements round Biała Góra, and by 1344 had absolutely annexed Crimson Ruthenia into Poland. Kotowicz thinks the weapons discovered on the settlement mark the location of one of many marketing campaign’s battles. Close by the group additionally unearthed traces of what seems to be an industrial settlement relationship to the ninth or tenth century. To learn in regards to the latest discovery of burials of 4 medieval knights close to the Polish village of Cieple, go to “Viking Knights, Polish Days.”

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