Fossil Affords Clues to Evolution of Hominin Species

Paranthropus robustus Fossil

Paranthropus robustus FossilST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—A world crew of anthropologists has found a well-preserved fossil of the hominin species Paranthropus robustus in South Africa’s Drimolen cave system, in response to a press release launched by Washington College in St. Louis. Relationship to about 2 million years in the past, the skull belonged to a male member of the small-brained species, which appeared throughout a dry climatic interval between the disappearance of the extra primitive Australopithecus and the emergence of early Homo species. The brand new fossil is markedly smaller than different P. robustus specimens unearthed on the close by web site of Swartkrans, which was inhabited some 200,000 years later than Drimolen. The researchers recommend that the anatomical variations between the populations, together with modifications in cranial and tooth measurement, are proof of a fast evolution throughout the species in response to environmental stressors. To examine Homo naledi, a transitional species between austraolpithecines and early people, go to “A New Human Relative,” certainly one of ARCHAEOLOGY’s High 10 Discoveries of 2015. 

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