Stays of Medieval Bridge Present in Scotland

Scotland Medieval Bridge

Scotland Medieval BridgeSCOTTISH BORDERS, SCOTLAND—In accordance with a report in The Scotsman, stays of the Ancrum Previous Bridge have been present in southern Scotland’s River Teviot and dated to the mid-fourteenth century. The multiarched bridge was a part of the Through Regia, or King’s Method, which stretched from Edinburgh to Jedburgh and the Borders. Constructed in the course of the reigns of David II of Scotland and Edward III of England, the bridge stood for greater than 400 years, primarily based upon archival analysis and dendrochronological relationship of the native oak timbers that after supported the bridge piers. “In these occasions, throughout flood or excessive water, the Ancrum Bridge might have been the one place to cross the Teviot between Hawick and Berwic, making it probably the most essential constructions in medieval Scotland,” mentioned Geoff Parkhouse of the Ancrum and District Heritage Society. To examine an early twentieth-century army camp in Hawick that was partially uncovered by a summer time 2018 drought, go to “The Marks of Time: WWI Army Camp.”

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