Roman Imperial Letter Translated in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Roman Inscription

Bulgaria Roman InscriptionVELIKO TARNOVO, BULGARIA—Archaeology in Bulgaria reviews {that a} crew of researchers from the Veliko Tarnovo Museum of Historical past and epigraphist Nikolay Sharankov of Sofia College have reassembled and translated a 37-line Greek inscription on a fragmented stone stela found within the historical Roman metropolis of Nicopolis advert Istrum in 1923. The research suggests the textual content is a letter from the Roman emperor Septimius Severus and his son Caracalla thanking the individuals of town for a “donation” of 700,000 denarii. Sharankov mentioned the emperor handled the bribe as a present from the individuals, who wished to achieve the ruler’s favor as a result of they’d supported considered one of his rivals in A.D. 193, after the homicide of the emperor Commodus and a wrestle amongst 5 males for the imperial title. Sharankov additionally mentioned that Septimius Severus, who was from North Africa, used the letter to current himself to the individuals of Nicopolis advert Istrum as an inheritor of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, in an try to legitimize his authority. The stela has been reeerected on the website. To learn concerning the marble map of Rome made underneath Septimius Severus, go to “Piecing Collectively a Plan of Historic Rome.”

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