Scientists develop software to sequence round DNA

Scientists develop tool to sequence circular DNA

College of Alberta biologists have invented a brand new method for sequencing round DNA, in line with a brand new examine. The tool–called CIDER-Seq–will give different scientists wealthy, correct information on round DNA in any sort of cell.

Scientists develop tool to sequence circular DNA
Illustration of the newly developed CIDER-Seq software sequencing round DNA. The software will assist scientists higher
perceive how round DNA works in micro organism and viruses, in addition to human and plant cells
[Credit: Devang Mehta]

Whereas our personal DNA is linear,, round DNA is widespread within the genomes of micro organism and viruses. Scientists have additionally found round DNA inside the nuclei of human and plant cells, known as extrachromosomal round DNA (eccDNA). Not too long ago, analysis has begun to analyze the position of eccDNA in human cancer–but progress has been hampered as a result of lack of efficient strategies for learning and sequencing eccDNA.

“Our key advance is that, by our methodology, scientists can lastly acquire an unbiased, high-resolution understanding of round DNA in any sort of cell,” defined Devang Mehta, postdoctoral fellow within the Division of Organic Sciences and lead writer. “With our invention of CIDER-Seq, we are able to begin to start to know the operate of those mysterious round DNAs in human and plant cells.”

CIDER-Seq makes use of DNA sequencing know-how known as PacBio. The tactic features a web-lab protocol, in addition to a brand new computational pipeline. It’s optimized to look at each viral genomes and eccDNA and is made accessible to different scientists on-line.

“We devised a brand new molecular biology methodology and a brand new bioinformatics algorithm to lastly get hold of full size sequences of eccDNA,” defined Mehta. “Our methodology lastly permits us to sequence these molecules utterly and offers us and different researchers a software to higher perceive what they really do within the cell.”


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