Indicators of Facial Disfigurement Discovered on Medieval Cranium

Anglo Saxon Skull

Anglo Saxon SkullLONDON, ENGLAND—CNN reviews that researchers led by Garrard Cole of College Faculty London have discovered proof of facial disfigurement described in historic information on the stays of an Anglo-Saxon lady unearthed in southern England within the 1960s. The stays of the lady, who’s estimated to have been between 15 and 18 years previous on the time of dying, weren’t present in a cemetery, which suggests she could have been buried as an outcast. Her accidents embody a minimize throughout her mouth that will have eliminated her lips, a deep minimize by means of her nostril, and a minimize throughout her brow that means she could have been scalped. The bone reveals no indicators of therapeutic, so the lady could have died shortly after she was wounded. In accordance with Anglo-Saxon legislation codes, such punishments got to ladies for the crime of adultery and to slaves caught stealing. To examine a examine of the doable stays of Anglo-Saxon princess Saint Eanswythe, go to “ID’ing England’s First Nun.”

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