World Conflict I-Period Sub Investigated in North Sea

North Sea U Boat

North Sea U BoatSOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND—The Impartial experiences that researchers led by Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz of the College of Southampton investigated the wreckage of UC47, a German submarine sunk off the coast of northern England by the Royal Navy in 1917. Sonar 3-D photos and video collected with two remotely-operated unmanned submarines reveal the harm sustained by the submarine when it was rammed by Patrol Boat P57, which had been fitted with a strengthened bow. The Royal Navy vessel then dropped depth fees on the sunken submarine over a interval of a number of days. Each applied sciences had been developed to combat German U-boats and the plan to stop the British from transporting coal, metal, timber, and cement by sea. German naval officers steered after the warfare that Royal Navy divers had entered the UC47 to retrieve intelligence paperwork, together with a map of German mines laid towards British delivery, however Pacheco-Ruiz stated the wreckage rests beneath greater than 150 ft of water, making such an operation unlikely. He thinks the crew of P57 could have dropped the a number of depth fees in an effort to create holes within the wreckage in order that paperwork might float to the floor. Students will search German naval archives for extra info on how German officers realized about British intelligence gathering. To learn in regards to the wreck of a World Conflict II U-boat, go to “Nazi Sub Found.”

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